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LiFePo4 battery Lithium-ion cell lfp battery 3.2v 6000mAh
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32700 000mah 3.2v lithium iron phosphate battery (LFP cell)。Big capacity and long lifetime, from 7 to 8years,safety use and fast charge。Endurable low and high temperature,no memory effect , green and environment protection,non toxic,non pollution Quality assurance

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    lifepo4 battery 3.2v 6000mAh Features
    (1),fast charging
    (2)Safety performance
    (3)Long cycle time
    (4)Green power
    (5)Suit for -20 to 55℃ work environment

    lifepo4 battery cells 3.2v 6000mAh main specification:

     3.1 Nominal Capacity 6000mAh0.5C Discharge
    3.2 Nominal Voltage3.2V
     3.3 Discharge Cut-off Voltage 2.0V0.5 C Discharge
    3.4 Charge Limited Voltage3.65V0℃~60℃
    3.5 Standard Charge Current0.5 C0℃~60℃
    3.6 Standard Discharge Current0.5 C0℃~ +60℃
    3.7 Rapid Charge Current1.0C0℃~45℃
    3.8 Rapid Discharge Current1.0C0℃~ 45℃
     3.9 Max. Discharge Current 3C2.0V Limited Voltage2.0V
    3.10 ( ms) (Max. Pulse Discharge Current) 5C 10ms
    3.11 Internal Impedance≤10mΩAC resistance
    3.12 WeightAbout141g±2g


    3.13 Storage Temperature Range≤ one month0℃ ~ 35℃2.8V~3.2V
    ≤ three months0℃ ~ 35℃3.0V~3.2V
    ≤ a year0℃ ~ 35℃3.1V~3.2V

    lfp battery 6000mAh Electrical Characteristics

     Items Test Conditions Specification
    4.1(Stand & Charge)(The "Standard Charge" means charging with constant current 0.5C5 to3.65V, then charging with constant voltage 3.65V to 0.01C 5 under 25±2 , ℃ charging time will not more than 3h.) (Use Lithium-ion battery charger, which with an accuracy ±0.05V.)
    4.2Nominal Capacity(The capacity means the discharge capacity of the cell, which is measured with discharge current 0.5C to cut-off voltage at 2.0V at 25 ± 2℃ rest for 30 minutes after the Standard Charge.) (Nominal Capacity ≥6000mAh)
    4.3 Cycle LifeAt 25±2℃, 1C charge to 3.45V and discharge to 2.5V with 1 C discharge current, after 2000 cycles the discharge capacity is measured with 1C discharge current and 2.5V cut-off voltage.≥80%Nominal Capacity
    4.4(Storage Characteristic)(Test the cell initial capacity using 0.5C 5 current at 25±2℃ and record,then charg the cells with 45% capacity, then storage for 3, 6, 12 months respectively a 25±2℃and relative humidity of 0%~75%, then the cell is cycled for 5 times with charge with 0.5C and discharge wit 0.5C at 25±2℃, The maximum discharge capacity (longest discharge capacity ) is recorded. 0.5Cdischarge time: After 3 months storage ≥5.7Ah; After 6 months storage ≥5.46Ah; After 12 months storage ≥5.16Ah)
    (The cell is charged and discharged using 0.5C at 25±2℃. The discharge capacity is C1. The cell is stored for 28 days in 20 ±5℃ after fully charged and then is discharged using 0.5C at 25±2℃. The capacity is defined as C2.)(Capacity Retention C2/C1≥85%)
    (After the test as C 2 , The cell is charged and dischargedusing 0.5C(Capacity recoverable ratio C3/C1≥95%)
    4.5(Rate Capacity)1. Under the temperature of 25±2℃,the discharge capacity is measured with 0.5 C discharge current and 2.0V cut-off voltage after full charged.≥100%Nominal Capacity
    2. Under the temperature of 25±2℃,the discharge capacity is measured with 1 C discharge current and 2.0V cut-off voltage after full charged.≥98%Nominal Capacity
    3. Under the temperature of 25±2℃,the discharge capacity is measured with 3 C discharge current and 2.0V cut-off voltage after full charged.≥96%Nominal Capacity


    lifepo4 solar battery Environment Characteristics

    ItemsTest ConditionsSpecification
    5.1Temperat ure Performance(Cells shall be charged according to 5.1 and discharged at 0.5C to 2.0 V after full charged. Cells shall be stored for 4 hours at the test temperature prior to discharging and then shall be discharged at the test temperature, The percentage shall be calculated using discharging capacity compared to the minimum capacity.No leakage, No Appearance defect
    5.2Constant Temperature and Humidity(Under the temperature of 25±2℃, after charging the cell with 0.5C ,then put the cell into the constant temperature and humidity oven with 40±2℃ and 90~95% for 48h,then store the cells at RT for 2hrs, and discharge the cells with 0.5C to 2.0 volts.)(The cell should be no deformation, no rust, no leakage, no fire, no smoking and no explosion. Discharge ≥98%Nominal Capacity)
    5.3 (Free Fall Test)(The fully charged cell is dropped three times from a height of 1200 mm (the lowest point of the cell) onto a concrete floor. The cells or batteries are dropped so as to obtain impacts in random orientations. After the test, the cell shall be put on rest for a minimum of one hour and then a visual inspection shall be performed.)(No explosion, No fire, No smoke. The OCV after the test no less than 90% before free-fall test.)
    5.4(Vibration Test )(A full-charged cell is to be subjected to simple harmonic motion with amplitude of 0.8mm total maximum excursion. The frequency is to be varied at the rate of 1 hertz per minute between 10 and 55 hertz. After the test is completed, And the cell returned to the starting position. The cell shall be vibrated for 90~100 minutes per axis of XYZ axes. The samples should be observed for 6 hours after the test,and also check the weight loss of cells before and after the test.)(Not explosion, No fire, No leakage, Mass loss ≤ 0.1%)
    5.5(Crush Test)(A full charged cell is to be crushed between two flat surfaces. The force for the crushing is applied by a hydraulic ram exerting a force of 13±1KN. Once the maximum force has been applied, or an abrupt voltage drop of 0 voltage, or 30% of deformation has occurred compared to the initial dimension, the force is released)(No explosion, No fire)
    5.6 (Shock Test)(The full charged cell has only two axes of symmetry in which case only two directions shall be tested. Each shock is to be applied in a direction normal to the face of the cell. For each shock the cell is to be accelerated in such a manner that during the initial 3 milliseconds the minimum average acceleration is 735m/s². The peak acceleration shall be between 1225m/s² and 1715m/s². The samples should be observed for 6 hours after the test,and also check the weight loss of cells before and after the test. Cells shall be tested at a temperature of25±2℃.)(No explosion, No fire, No leakage)
    5.7 (Altitude Simulation Test)(The full-charged cells are to be stored for 6 hours at an absolute pressure of 11.6 KPa and a temperature of 20±3 .)(No explosion, No fire, No leakage.)


    32650 lifepo4 battery Safety Characteristics

     Items Test Conditions Specification
     6.1 (Short Circuit)(Each test sample cell is to be short-circuited by connecting the positive and negative terminals of the cell with a Cu wire having a maximumNo fire,Noexplosion;Max.Temp,of battery surface should not exceed 150℃
    resistance load of 80± 20m Ω. The sample is to discharge until a fire or exposition is obtained, or until it has reached a completely discharge state of less than 0.2V and the sample case temperature has returned to ±10 of the ambient temperature. Tests are to ℃ be conducted at 25±2℃ and 55±5℃. Cell Condition: Fresh, Fully charged cell.)
    6.2 (Over-charge Characteristics)The battery is charged at a 3 C constant current with a voltage limit of 4.8V for 8 hours after fully chargedNo fire,No explosion;Max.Temp.of battery surface should not exceed 150℃.
    6.3( Over Discharge)(After standard charge.Cells are discharged at constant Current of 0.2C to 2.0V, and the positive and negative terminal is connected by a 30 Ω wire for 24 hours. Cell Condition: Fresh, Fully charged cell.)(No explosion, No fire)
    6.4 (Hot oven Characteristics)The fully charged battery is placed the battery in the hot box,then rose to 130℃±2℃in the temperature to 5℃±2℃/min rate , insulation 30min.No fire,No explosion
    6.5(High Temperature Storage Test)(Put cell into the 80℃ box and keep the cell in the box for 7 hours after it be charged according to 6.1, and then take it out. Cell Condition: Fresh, Fully charged cell.)(No explosion, No fire)
    6.6(Thermal-cold Cycling Performance Test)(The full-charged cell is placed in 75±2℃ for 6h, and then put the Cell in -40 ℃ for 6h; change temperature time <30min, then repeat it for 10 cycles. Finally the cell is placed in room temperature for 24h. Watch the appearance of cell.)(No explosion, No fire, No smoke, Open circuit voltage changed not less than 90%, mass loss limit: ≤0.1%)
    6.7(Impact Test)(A test sample cell is to be placed on a flat surface. A 15.8 ± 0.1mm diameter bar is to be placed across the center of the sample. A 9.1Kg± 0.46Kg mass is to be dropped from the height of 610 ± 25mm to the center of the cell vertically. Cell Condition: Fresh, Fully charged cell.)(No explosion, No fire)


    Q :Do you provide free sample ?
    A: Yes, a few pcs free sample can be provided, but freight will be charged

    Q: what is the warranty?
    A: one year

    Q:What is your payment term ?
    A: T/T,L/C

    Q:do you accepte OEM order ?
    A: Yes,you can print yourself logo, also we can provide the design of outlook for your special battery pack

    Q :How many cells you can produce per month?
    A: 1.8million

    Q :What is the mode of transport?
    A: usually by sea

    Q:Which certificates do you have
    A:We have un38.3,MSDS…etc.

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