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Energy Storage

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Similar to refrigerators that allowed food to be stored for several days so it could be eaten later, or thrown away, energy storage allows individuals and communities to access electricity when it is most needed, such as during outages or when the sun doesn't shine. Low-income or marginalized communities often have inefficient and polluting plants, which can make it difficult to reduce the demand for electricity. Also, storage can help to reduce demand and avoid price spikes for customers who use electricity.The electricity grid is complex. It must ensure that power supply and demand are equal at all times. Supply has always been adjusted to meet changing demand. This includes changes in human activity and unexpected events like equipment overloads, wildfires or storms. We now consider flexibility in electricity demand to optimize the use of renewables. This includes how we heat or cool our homes and when we charge electric cars. This balance act is made possible by energy storage, which helps create a flexible and reliable grid system.When there is more demand than supply, for example during the night when power plants are continuously running, or when the sun shines brightest, excess electricity can be used to charge storage devices. Storage facilities, even those located in homes, can be used to discharge excess electricity to the grid when there is more demand than supply. This is because the storage facility absorbs excess power from the grid and then generates electricity by pumping water back behind hydroelectric dams. Large battery banks containing lithium-ion batteries are becoming more common in communities and homes.
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