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The Electricity Storage. The electric power grid is based on a delicate balance of supply (generation) versus demand (consumer usage). To help balance fluctuations in electricity supply, one way is to store electricity during periods when there is high demand and relatively low production. Then you can release the electricity back to the grid during periods where there is more demand or lower production. Storage can provide some economic, reliability and environmental benefits. Depending on how much storage is used, electricity storage may help the utility grid run more efficiently, reduce the chance of brownouts during peak demands, and permit more renewable resources to build and be used.There are many ways to store energy, including:Pumped hydroelectric. The use of electricity is to pump water into a reservoir. When water is released from the reservoir, it flows down through a turbine to generate electricity.Compressed air. The electricity is used to compress the air and store it underground in caverns. Flywheels. Flywheels are powered by electricity. The energy is stored as kinetic rotational energie. The spinning force of the flywheel can be used to spin a generator when energy is required. Flywheels that use magnetic bearings can rotate at speeds of up to 60,000 revolutions per hour and operate in vacuums to reduce drag.Batteries. Batteries. Large batteries are similar to rechargeable batteries. They can store electricity until it's needed. These systems can be powered by lithium ion or lead acid batteries, as well as other battery technologies.Storage of thermal energy. You can use electricity to make thermal energy. This can be stored until you need it. You can use electricity to make chilled water or ice in low-demand periods. Then, you can use it later for cooling during peak electricity consumption. These technologies are not the only ones that are being developed.
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