Lithium Energy has been focusing on creating its own brand and contributing to a greener home.
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Industrial Energy Storage

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Buy less electricity. Minimise your carbon footprint. Increase your business resilience. Low-cost dispatchable solar can reduce your energy bills up to half. Flow batteries are able to store excess PV generation and can be used on-demand. You can build your own distributed storage system to power your business with dispatchable, low-cost solar power. You can generate your own electricity, and then use it to avoid peak prices and demand charges. This infrastructure solution will last 20+ years and help you reduce your monthly bills. These charts show how batteries can be used to reduce import costs from the grid during both summer and winter.You can save money on seasonal strategies by using industrial and commercial energy storage. Install more solar at each site to reach your sustainability goals. The benefit of installing more solar PV is reduced significantly if you exceed your peak daytime consumption. By storing excess daytime solar generation for later use, energy storage allows you to increase the size of your array.Wholesale trading and other ancillary services can help you create new revenue streams. Our business models are designed to provide electricity consumers with long-term, low risk infrastructure returns. This is done by decreasing the price of electricity. There are additional upsides in certain areas, such as wholesale energy trading or ancillary services. This is because our non-degrading flow batteries technology doesn't wear out with heavy usage unlike traditional lithium and lead-acid battery technology.
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