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26650 lifepo4 battery Rechargeable LFP battery 3.2v 3800mAh
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lithium iron phosphate (LFP battery) 26650-3000mAh 3.2V, can be charged to 3.7v at temperature of 25±3℃based on 1C condition ,discharged to 2.5v . discharge capacity is larger than 80% of original capacity, min cycle times is 2000times,No fire breaking out , no break,no leak or explode during the test of over discharge & over charge、vibration,weight strike and fall .

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lifepo4 battery 3.2v cell 3800mAh main specification

No Item Nominal Mark
1 Nominal capaicty 3800mAh 0.5C, 1C current is 3800mA
2 Capacity range 3700~3900mAh 0.5C
3 Nominal voltage 3.2 V
4 AC internal resistance ≤25mΩ
5 Charge condition cut off voltage 3.65±0.05V 0.5C constant current charge to 3.65V,constant voltage charge to current down to 0.01C
Cut off current 0.01C
6 Max charge current 3.8A
7 Discharge cut off voltage 2.5V
8 Standard continuous discharge current 1.9A
9 Fast continuous discharge current 3.8A
10 Max continuous discharge current 11.4A Just for cell
11 Pulse discharge current 15A,5s
12 Cycle performance 2000 times(100%DOD) 1C charge/1C discharge,capacity retention ≥80%
4000 times(80%DOD)
7000 times(50%DOD)
13 work temperature charge:0℃~55℃
14 Storage temperature -20℃~55℃ Short term storage(<3 months)
15 Cell weight 87.5g


LFP 3800mAh 3.2v lifepo4 battery cells performance curve

lifepo4 starter battery safety performance

No Item Test method standard
1 Over-charge Normal cell constant current charge at 3C to 10.0 V, turn to constant voltage charge,cut off current 0.01C. observe the appearance of cell. no fire no explosion
2 Over-discharge Normal cell constant discharge at 0.5C until the voltage to 0 V。
observe the appearance of cell.
no fire no explosion
3 External Short circuit After normal battery standard charging,short circuit + &- anodes
(total resistance is no more than 50mΩ)terminate the test when cell temperature is lower 10℃ than peak temperature observe the appearance of cell.
no fire no explosion
4 Thermal abuse Test the original status of battery, after the cell standard charging,put it into the baking oven,with the speed of temp(5±2℃)/min turn up to 130±2℃ and keep this 30min。observe the appearance of cell。 no fire no explosion
5 Fall Test the cell original capacity, then after the standard charging, test the cell original status,Drop the test battery vertically and horizontally onto the cement floor from a height of 1m (the lowest point height). do it twice no fire no explosion
6 Heavy item shock Place a steel rod with a diameter of 15.8mm in the middle of the fully charged battery;Then drop a 10Kg hammer from a height of 1.0m as a free falling body to the upper part of the battery. no fire no explosion
7 Crush test Put the cell between two extrusion surfaces of the equipment. The cylindrical battery axis is parallel to the extrusion surface, gradually increase the pressure to 13kN, keep the pressure for 1min no fire no explosion
8 acupuncture 3mm ~ 5mm high temperature resistant steel needle, at a speed of 10mm/s ~ 40mm/s, from the direction perpendicular to the battery plate through (the needle stays in the battery). no fire no explosion


LFP 3.2v lifepo4 battery 3800mAh environment characteristics

No Item Test method standard
1 Thermal cycle After standard charging, the battery was placed in open circuit at 75±2℃ for 48h, -20℃ for 6h, and room temperature for 24h to observe the appearance change of the battery. No leakage, no smoke, no fire, no explosion
2 steady damp heat After standard charging, place the battery in a constant temperature and humidity box with a temperature of 40℃±5℃ and a relative humidity of 95%. After 48 hours, take out the battery and set aside for 2h.Observe the battery appearance change.Then discharge at 0.5C to 2.5V to
measure the final battery capacity.
After set aside, the capacity is >90% , no obvious shape change, no corrosion, no smoke, no explosion
3 vibration Install the normal battery on the vibration table after standard charging. The test equipment is adjusted according to the vibration frequency and corresponding amplitude as shown in the table below. The X, Y and Z direction sweep the frequency of vibration from 10 ~ 55Hz for 30min, and the frequency sweep rate is 1OCT /min: vibration frequency /Hz displacement amplitude (single amplitude)
A 10-30
B 30-55
test the final state of cell after sweeping frequency ,observe the appearance change of the battery.
Residual capacity ≥ 90% nominal capacity, voltage attenuation ≤ 0.5%, no obvious damage to battery appearance, no leakage, no smoke, no explosion
4 Room temperature capacity retention Measure the initial state and capacity of the battery. After standard charging, the battery is left open for 30 days and the final state is measured.Discharge 0.5C to 2.5V to measure the remaining capacity of the battery;The recovery capacity of the battery is measured by discharging at 0.5C to 2.5V after standard charging.It can be recycled three times. When the standard is reached once, the standard requirements are met. Residual capacity ≥ 90% initial capacity ,recovery capacity ≥95% initial capacity

Q :Do you provide free sample ?
A: Yes, a few pcs free sample can be provided, but freight will be charged

Q: what is the warranty?
A: one year

Q:What is your payment term ?
A: T/T,L/C

Q:do you accepte OEM order ?
A: Yes,you can print yourself logo, also we can provide the design of outlook for your special battery pack

Q :How many cells you can produce per month?
A: 1.8million

Q :What is the mode of transport?
A: usually by sea

Q:Which certificates do you have
A:We have un38.3,MSDS…etc.

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