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Lithium iron phosphate battery market prospects “attractive”, new players continue to join
Lithium iron phosphate battery market prospects “attractive”, new players continue to join

The market prospects of lithium iron phosphate batteries are "attractive", and new players continue to join. As one of the most popular batteries for new energy batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries have broad market prospects in the future. In order to occupy the dominant position in the new energy battery market in the future, major lithium battery companies have stepped up research and development of new technologies for lithium iron phosphate batteries, constantly breaking through the technical bottleneck. It is foreseeable that the lithium iron phosphate battery market may usher in a full rise in the future.
The core advantage of lithium iron phosphate battery is low price and safety. As one of the cathode materials, lithium iron phosphate has comparative advantages over ternary materials in comprehensive indicators such as safety, cycle life, and production cost. Since its commercialization, it has been applied to many fields including automobiles, ships, energy storage, and has become one of the most promising cathode materials at this stage. Compared with other types, lithium iron phosphate has greater advantages in safety, cost, and cycle life. It is a good choice for power batteries and energy storage batteries.
In 2015, the share of lithium iron phosphate in the electric energy storage chemicals market was 10%. In the following five years, the market share of this battery has risen rapidly. It is expected that by 2025, the market share of lithium iron phosphate in power batteries will exceed 20%; By 2030, the market share of lithium iron phosphate batteries will exceed 30%.
Whether it is electric vehicles, energy storage, communications and other fields, there will be a strong demand for new energy in the future, which will drive the rapid growth of lithium iron phosphate batteries, and lithium iron phosphate is the mainstream positive electrode for pure electric vehicles and photovoltaic wind power storage lithium batteries Materials undoubtedly have a broad market space.
The wave of electric bicycles and ships will also start in 2020, which will provide good development opportunities for lithium iron phosphate battery and material companies. Lithium iron phosphate batteries have gained a lot of attention in the fields of new energy vehicles, base station energy storage, electric bicycles, and electric ships with their advantages in cost performance and safety performance.
Summary: Now that the use of lithium iron phosphate batteries is more and more widespread, lithium iron phosphate batteries are still the right way in the market. I believe that in the near future, through the joint efforts of various enterprises, it will definitely promote the rapid development of my country's lithium iron phosphate battery industry.


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