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Lithium iron phosphate usher in new opportunities


From the application side, energy storage and new energy vehicles have very different battery performance requirements. Energy storage batteries require longer life and safer, while automotive power batteries require smaller volume and energy on the basis of safety. Higher density and better power characteristics. In terms of battery type, the longer-life and safer lithium iron phosphate battery is more suitable for energy storage, and the technology is very mature.
Generally speaking, lithium batteries used in the field of energy storage generally require more than 3,500 cycles, that is, the life span of lithium batteries for energy storage is greater than 10 years. The cycle number of lithium iron phosphate batteries is much higher than that of lead-acid batteries and ternary batteries, and the cycle number can reach more than 7000 times. Moreover, the current price of lithium iron phosphate batteries is about 0.6/Wh. With the sharp drop in raw material prices and technological progress, the cost-effectiveness of lithium iron phosphate batteries is getting higher and higher, and it is expected to become the main battery supply direction for energy storage in the future.

In recent years, the proportion of electrochemical energy storage in my country has been increasing. In particular, the 5G investment of the three major operators in 2020 has doubled compared to 2019. With the outbreak of the 5G base station energy storage market, it is expected that the demand for lithium iron phosphate batteries will increase substantially. It is predicted that the demand for lithium iron phosphate batteries for newly built and renovated 5G base stations in 2020 will reach 10GWh.
Guosen Securities believes that with the support of domestic grid-side reforms and policies, the turning point of my country’s energy storage will be
In front of you. By 2025, consumer-side energy storage can achieve parity in most areas of my country, and the energy storage market space can reach 650 billion yuan. By 2030, the integration of solar storage in most areas of my country can achieve parity, and the energy storage market space can reach more than 1.2 trillion yuan.
In the future, lithium iron phosphate batteries will show their talents.

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