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Which ternary lithium ion battery or iron phosphate lithium ion battery has a longer life?


The ternary lithium-ion battery data battery cycles 3900 times, the remaining capacity is 66%, and the lithium iron phosphate battery pack cycles 5000 times, the remaining capacity is 84%, and the cycle life has a significant advantage. According to the remaining capacity/initial capacity=80% as the end of the test, the 1c cycle life battery laboratory of ternary data is 2500 times, and the cycle life laboratory of 1c lithium iron phosphate battery is 3500 times, of which more than 5000 times. Therefore, the actual service life of lithium iron phosphate batteries is longer than that of ternary lithium ion batteries.

Lithium iron phosphate battery pack has stable output voltage, high output voltage, stable function, large capacity, long life, wide working temperature planning, good safety, environmental protection and pollution-free, so there will be a great rise in the future development of lithium-ion batteries space.

The comparative advantages of lithium iron phosphate battery pack and lead-acid battery:

1. Large capacity. A single lithium ion battery can produce 5Ah~1000Ah (1Ah=1000mAh), and a single lead-acid battery 2V is usually 100Ah~150Ah, with small change intervals.

2. Light weight. A lithium-iron phosphate battery pack with the same capacity is two-thirds the size of a lead-acid battery and weighs one-third of the lead-acid battery.

3. The ability to charge quickly. The starting current of the lithium iron phosphate battery pack can reach 2C, and the charging rate is high. The current of lead-acid batteries is generally required to be between 0.1c and 0.2c, which cannot achieve the function of fast charging.

4. Environmental protection. Lead-acid batteries contain a large amount of heavy metal lead, waste liquid, lithium iron phosphate batteries do not contain any heavy metals, and are pollution-free in production and use.

5. High cost performance. Although lead-acid batteries are cheaper than lithium iron phosphate batteries because of their cheap data, they are less economical than lithium iron phosphate batteries in terms of service life and daily protection. Practical applications show that the cost performance of lithium iron phosphate batteries is more than 4 times that of lead-acid batteries.


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