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What factors will affect the safety of lithium batteries
What factors will affect the safety of lithium batteries

The following factors will affect the safety of lithium batteries

The first influencing factor is temperature.
In the energy storage system of lithium-ion batteries, the temperature sensitivity of lithium-ion batteries mainly comes from the temperature sensitivity of their materials. Temperature will directly affect the activity and conductivity of the electrode material in the battery, the insertion and deintercalation of lithium ions on the electrode, the lithium ion permeability of the separator, etc., and then affect the electrochemical reaction inside the battery, and its external performance is power lithium The temperature sensitivity of the battery. If the temperature is too high, it will speed up the side reactions inside the battery, and these side reactions will consume the lithium ions and electrolyte in the battery, which will lead to the degradation of battery performance and shorten the service life of the lithium ion battery.

The second factor is overcharge and overdischarge.
Overcharging can easily cause the electrolyte in the lithium ion battery to decompose and release gas, which can cause the battery to swell and swell, or even smoke and catch fire in severe cases; over-discharge can cause damage to the molecular structure of the positive electrode material in the battery, resulting in failure to charge Electricity. The special chargers for power lithium-ion battery mobile phones generally have a battery management chip. When the battery is charged to a certain level, it will automatically terminate the charging to prevent overcharging. Therefore, we must adhere to the principle of shallow charge and shallow release.

Other influencing factors:
For example, the battery should not be subject to violent impact, and water should not enter the battery to cause a short circuit. These are some of the factors that may affect the safety of lithium-ion batteries, so we should also pay attention in our daily life to prevent accidents caused by improper use.

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