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What is the difference between a lithium battery and a lead-acid battery?
What is the difference between a lithium battery and a lead-acid battery?

Accumulators and lithium batteries are two kinds of batteries that are widely used in the commercialization of the battery industry. The accumulators used to refer to traditional lead-acid batteries. However, after the emergence of lithium batteries, the accumulators also include lithium batteries. The following mainly talk about lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries. Is the difference?
1. First of all, in terms of the raw materials for the production of batteries and lithium batteries, the materials used are different. The electrodes used in lead-acid batteries are lead plates, and the electrolyte is inorganic sulfate, which is liquid or colloidal. Lithium batteries use Lithium alloys and electrolytes are mostly organic electrolytes, which are solid, liquid, and colloidal.
2. Comparison of battery and lithium battery life: lead-acid batteries are generally deep-charged and deep-discharged within 300 times, with a memory effect, and the life span is about two years. And there is acid salt liquid in the lead-acid battery. After consumption for a period of time, the battery will be hot or the charging time becomes shorter, and the liquid needs to be replenished; the lithium battery has strong durability, slow consumption, more than 500 charges, and discharge, and no memory, generally Life span is 4-5 years;

3. Comparison of storage battery and lithium battery in terms of volume and quality: the weight of a single lead-acid battery is 16-30 kg, which is relatively large; the lithium battery is generally 2.5-3 kg, which is relatively small; that is to say, the same capacity In terms of power consumption and power consumption, lithium batteries are much smaller in weight and volume than lead-acid batteries;
4. Comparison of storage batteries and lithium batteries in terms of environmental protection: lead-acid batteries have pollution in the production process. If improper recycling causes pollution and harms human health; lithium batteries are relatively green and environmentally friendly, and the environmental damage ratio is relatively small.


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