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What about the safety of lithium titanate batteries?
What about the safety of lithium titanate batteries?

1. When lithium titanate batteryis used as a negative electrode material, the potential platform is as high as 1.55V, which is more than 1V higher than the traditional graphite negative electrode material. Although some energy density is lost, it also means that the battery is safer. When the battery is quickly charged, the negative voltage requirement is relatively low, but if it is too low, the lithium battery will easily precipitate very active metal lithium. This lithium ion not only conducts electricity, but also reacts with the electrolyte, and then releases heat to produce combustible gas. Causes fire. The lithium titanate avoids the negative voltage of 0 because of the high voltage of 1V, which indirectly avoids the precipitation of lithium ions, thus ensuring the safety of the battery.

2. Since the lithium titanate battery can be safely used in high temperature and low-temperature environments, it also reflects the important advantage of its wide temperature resistance (especially low-temperature resistance). At present, the safe operating temperature range of lithium titanate batteries is between -50 degrees and 65 degrees, while the energy of ordinary graphite anode batteries begins to decay when the temperature is below -20 degrees, and the charging capacity at -30 degrees is only the total charge 14% of the capacity cannot work properly in severely cold weather.
3. In addition, because the lithium titanate battery has only a 1% volume change even if it is overcharged, it is called a zero-strain material, which gives it a very long life. The life of lithium titanate batteries can reach 30 years, which is equivalent to the service life of automobiles, while the average life of ordinary graphite anode materials batteries is only 3-4 years. From the perspective of the entire life cycle, lithium titanate batteries cost less.


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