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How to charge electric bicycle battery
How to charge electric bicycle battery

As we all know, the applicable population of electric vehicles is very large. Even in the era of the new national standard, electric vehicles are also an important tool for consumers to travel. So, how should the lithium battery of electric vehicles be charged to have a longer life? Is it safer?

  • Don't overcharge or over discharge.

Since lithium batteries are non-memory batteries, it is recommended to charge or recharge the battery pack regularly every time or every day after riding, which can greatly increase the service life of the battery pack. Low-voltage over-discharge or self-discharge reactions will cause the decomposition and destruction of lithium-ion active materials, and any form of over-charging of lithium-ion batteries will cause serious damage to battery performance and even explosion.

  •  Charge in time.

After the lithium battery is discharged, it will enter the vulcanization process. If it is charged in time, the non-serious vulcanization can be removed. Therefore, if the power is less than 20%, it needs to be charged in time. When the lithium battery is dead, you should turn off the power to ride, and can't use the rebound voltage to prevent serious power loss. Charge it as soon as possible to make the battery full as much as possible.

  •  Use the matching charger.

There are also many types of lithium batteries, and battery performance and battery protection board parameters may be different. In order to protect lithium batteries and prevent safety hazards, special chargers are required. Special attention: The charger of lead-acid battery cannot be used on lithium battery.

  • Float charging for 1 to 2 hours when fully charged.

Unlike lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries have a battery protection board. The high-end protection board has a battery-balance function, that is, the charger will turn the light when the battery is fully charged. Without unplugging the charger, the protection board will consume the high-power batteries and replenish the low-power single-string batteries. The charger will work again at this time. If you are not in a hurry to ride the bike, you can float it for 1 to 2 hours when the charging indicator shows full charge, and charge it for 6-8 hours regularly.

  • Regular deep discharge.

A regular deep discharge is also beneficial to activate the lithium battery, which can slightly increase the capacity of the lithium battery.

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