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How to safely Jump Start a car- expert guidance from the ECOLTO?
How to safely Jump Start a car- expert guidance from the ECOLTO?


-Very helpful key steps and tips to solve the problem of dead car battery

A car battery, One of the most important car parts. And one that seems to die right when you need it the most, usually in the winter or some other inopportune time. If you have ever encountered a car that cannot be started in an unpopulated suburb, you must know that it is important to prepare a car starter for such an emergency. Here are some straightforward and easy tips for jump-starting a car battery, if your battery may have run down.

It is a portable power supply that you can use at any time without waiting for the help of another vehicle, no matter where you are. Obtaining a car emergency starting power source will allow you to charge your car's battery in the driveway, garage, parking lot, or any other place, and will ensure that your travel will not be affected by the battery.



ECOLTO ES10L Jump Start is a multifunctional portable product developed for car lovers. Its characteristic function is to help the car regain power when the car loses electricity or cannot start the car.

ES10L JumpStart can not only start various vehicles but also charge various electronic devices, such as mobile phones, laptops, and other electronic devices that require input power to maintain optimal performance.

The polymer lithium-ion battery with a battery capacity of 14.8V6Ah can generate a maximum current of 2000A to start the car.


  1. Connect this product to the battery

Please carefully read and understand the specific precautions and recommended starting methods listed in the car user manual for starting the car. Before using this product, please refer to the user manual of the car battery manufacturer to confirm the battery's voltage and its chemical category. ES10L can only power 12V lead-acid batteries. Before connecting with the car battery, please make sure that you are using a 12V lead-acid battery. ES10L is not suitable for starting other types of batteries. Correctly identify the positive and negative terminals of the car battery. The positive terminal of the battery is mostly marked with the following letters or graphics (POS, P, +). The negative terminal of the battery is mostly marked with the following letters or graphics (NEG, N, -). Never connect this product to a carburetor, fuel supply pipe, or thin metal parts. Guidelines for the operation of the negative grounding wire system (most common). If your car uses a positive grounding system (rare), please follow the steps in the opposite direction.

1) Insert one end of the battery clip into the 12V OUT plug and connect to ES10L.

2) Connect the positive (red) HD battery clip to the positive terminal (POS, P, +) of the car battery.

3) Connect the negative (black) HD ​​battery clip to the negative terminal (NEG, N, -) of the car battery.

4) When disconnecting the connection, please unplug the connection in the reverse order, first untie the negative terminal (if the car adopts the positive grounding system, please untie the positive terminal first).


  1. Start the car

1) Before starting the car, please make sure that all power-consuming equipment (headlights, radios, air conditioners, etc.) of the car has been turned off.

2) Press the start button of this product to start the car. If the connection to the battery is normal, the green start LED will light up. If the positive and negative poles of the battery clip are connected incorrectly, the red error LED will light up. Please change the battery clip connection terminal, the green start LED will light up after the error is corrected. When the green start LED lights up, it means that the ES10L is ready to start your car.

3) Try to start the car. Most cars can be started right away. Some cars require ES10L to be connected for more than 30 seconds to start. If the car fails to start right away, please wait 20 to 30 seconds and try again. Do not try to start the car more than 5 times in a row within 15 minutes. Please let ES10L rest for 15 minutes before trying to start the car.

4) After the car starts, please remove the battery clip and remove the ES10L.



Q: How to turn off the product?

  1. DC, USB-A, Type-C output ports are turned off by long-pressing the power button, USB-A, Type-C output ports can also be automatically turned off when no load is detected; the LED flashlight is turned off by short pressing the flashlight button; ignition starts output It will automatically shut down within 10S when the battery is connected;
  2. How long does it take to fully charge the battery in the device?
  3. The maximum support is 60W charging, the fastest is 1.5 hours to fully charge.
  4. How many times can the product fully charge the phone before the built-in battery needs to be charged?
  5. This largely depends on the particular phone being charged; for example, the iPhone 12 can be fully char


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