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How to repair the lithium battery?
How to repair the lithium battery?

Lithium battery repair method, lithium battery repair technology encyclopedia. Generally speaking, a lithium battery has a life span of 300 to 500 charging cycles. After a certain number of times of use, the capacity will be significantly reduced and it will need to be repaired. The application of lithium batteries is now very popular. How can we save costs and bring the "dead" lithium batteries back to life, the editor will share our experience with you.

Regarding the lithium battery repair and repair technology, everyone may have doubts, because everyone feels that the performance of the lithium battery is weakened, the stroke is attenuated, and the battery cannot be charged, etc. As long as there are problems, the battery can no longer be used. To be replaced. Today, the editor tells everyone that this idea is very wrong, because the lithium battery of electric vehicles can not only be repaired, but the service performance after repair can be restored by more than 90%.

①Repair method of lithium battery for electric vehicle

1. Many electric vehicle lithium batteries seem to be unusable, but in fact, they don’t really understand it. First, we must use the world energy and lithium battery balance repair instrument to check the battery voltage, discharge and pressure difference, and distinguish which part or Which battery is damaged that caused the entire battery pack to fail.

2. After detecting the root cause of the fault problem, use the balance repairer to deal with it technically. Generally, for lithium batteries, the problem is mostly because the lithium battery protection board is damaged or the lithium battery cell is damaged. If the protection board is damaged , You only need to replace the protection board. If the battery cell function is damaged, you need to use the world energy and the lithium battery balance repair instrument to repair the lithium battery pressure difference, so that each string of the battery pack can be fully charged, and at the same time Discharge can also maximize the use of stored electricity.

3. Ordinary balanced charging on the market is to directly charge each string of the battery pack to 4.2V, which is a high-voltage repair. This repair principle will still exist after a discharge cycle, and the battery pack pressure difference will still exist. After the power is discharged, the repair must be performed again.

②Repair method of mobile phone lithium battery

1. Use a clean eraser or cleaning tools of other materials to gently wipe the metal contacts on the lithium battery and the metal contacts on the mobile phone, which will help the charging status and the long-lasting power.

2. Wrap the old mobile phone lithium battery that is used to automatically shut down with plastic wrap, and try to be as compliant as possible when wrapping it. There are three layers inside and outside to ensure that the battery is in a vacuum state. Then, wrap three layers of newspaper outside the plastic wrap to completely seal the lithium battery. Put it in the freezer layer of the refrigerator, after 48 hours, take out the batteries, and remove the six layers of paper film wrapped one by one. The lithium battery has no surface expansion or deformation due to freezing. After cooling for a period of time, then charge.

3. Let the lithium battery that is close to being scrapped completely discharge, and then recharge the battery to activate it. The specific method is: deep discharge of the mobile phone is to achieve a deeper recharge by depleting the internal electric energy, which requires some unconventional methods. Use a specific device to connect the mobile phone to a small low-voltage light bulb, and the power inside the battery will be transferred to the small light bulb until all is discharged.

I believe that through the above introduction, we can repair the battery to a certain extent. In addition, we should also pay attention to the use of mobile phone lithium batteries in our daily lives. Only by developing good habits can the battery life of the mobile phone be improved. long.

③How to repair 18650 lithium battery

1. Remove all your 18650 lithium batteries after they are used up, and treat them with temperature. When the temperature is unstable, the battery will greatly shorten the time of use, because the battery has no electricity and a considerable part of the lithium ion already has a memory battery. In this way, part of the memory battery can be released. Winter is here, put it outside for a while, and then inside the house.

2. There is another way to remove the battery and leave it for about a week to consume the electricity slowly. You need to use the machine to fully consume the electricity first. Then charge it all again. It is estimated that your current charging time must be very short. After the charge is full, disconnect it and charge it again. Repeat a few times. It is absolutely effective.

④Repair method of lithium battery pack


Lithium battery packs can be powered on and discharged or connected to resistors. The power-on discharge should be placed to the extent that the mobile phone stops immediately when the phone is turned on; the resistance discharge can be used to connect the small bulb of the corresponding voltage to discharge for a long time, until the small bulb is connected to the extent that it will go off instantly. The discharge current is preferably a large current.


Connect 12V alternating current in series, and connect a small electric bead or resistor in series between the lithium battery packs for current limiting. First, use a small current to activate, make the control loop AC power to tens of milliamps, and maintain it for 30 to 60 minutes, and then increase the current to 1 to 2 times the nominal value of the battery.

◆Change battery

The end-of-life lithium battery pack is actually its internal lithium battery is close to the end of its life, so as long as we replace the internal lithium battery, the lithium battery pack can be reborn.

The above is the lithium battery repair method, a complete set of different types of lithium battery repair technology. Therefore, in theory, there is no way to "resurrect the dead". Moreover, unlike other batteries, lithium batteries do not have memory characteristics. The amount of power displayed on the battery represents how much electricity can be used when it is charged. There is no saying that there is no sleep. If the performance or life of the lithium battery is damaged, it can only be replaced by a new battery. However, if it is used in the correct way, the life span is still guaranteed.



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