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Apply to Power, Energy storage, Communication Base Station, etc.

LTO rechargeable battery HC18650 2.4V 1300mAh ,Extremely high thermal stability,,1C/1D 25℃ 80%DOD 10000cycle times , it can be charged full in short time, in -40℃-75℃ conditions it can charge and discharge ≥60%,with excellent features such as high energy & power, less self discharge,long cycle time & cost-effective,Good consistency,Product safety,Excellent magnification performance(widely used in many kinds of area, such as the telecom , stored energy , electrombile , still it remains the best friendly-environment speciality.

HC18650 Lithium Titanium Oxide cell ( steel shell type),voltage:2.4V ;capacity:1300mah,in standard environment ,1C/1D 25℃ 80%DOD 10000cycle times ,lifetime≥8years,can be used in a variety of areas: power,telecom,communication base station, durable and green.

HC18650 Lithium Titanium Oxide cell (LTO) , voltage:2.4V ;capacity:1500mah,under standard environment , the 1C discharge capacity≥1500mah,1C/1D 25℃ 80%DOD 10000cycle times 。With features such as high energy & power, less self discharge, long cycle time & cost-effective, Good consistency, Product safety,Excellent magnification performance,Green environmental protection. Adaptable to work environment,can be used in a variety of areaa:power system,telecom,communication base,durable and green.

Hongye Lithium Energy

Hefei Hongye Lithium Energy Science &Technology Co., Ltd., is located in beautiful Boyan Science &Technology Park of Hefei, which has convenient transportation and well-equipped facilities. Lithium Energy is specialized in R&D、production、sales and technology support of lithium battery. Meanwhile, it has its own intellectual property, which makes it possible to provide different service with different requirement…

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We mainly produce LTO and LFP at present, widely applied in energy storage, communication base station, car, etc.


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